Ödehoburga At a Distance   Leave a comment

The ground always moved in a curious rush;

if you placed your ear on the ground, it infallibly got moved

and slightly moist on the edges.

A sound would be stuck in the ear when you picked it up;

the clatter of wood against stone (that`s somebodys clogs

on the terrace),

the soughing of skin against wool (virtually unknown),

the whispers of air to air,

the pathetic snuffle of butting hedge hogs

(you were once a hedge hog too, but you`ve forgotten about that)

and the unbaptized sound of nightly rainclouds seducing

the August moon;

there was always a certain distance between the croquet bows;

the croft not yet desert; beach balls thudding against your

loneliness; there was a

grass spot on your steady respiration.


Now the two-stroke barn doors bang

the perfect rhythm of afterlife.

You know it – desolation is dead,

skinlessness has grown too strong for

the sleep you possibly forgot in the rocking attic darkness.

Ödehoburga is so far

– you know that if you put your ear on the ground

it will disappear

in the pounding lack of questions.






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In the woods of Eulalia (late 60:s)   Leave a comment

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Wonderspotting   Leave a comment

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Dream of life   Leave a comment

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The islet of Aurgrunn 1999   Leave a comment

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She’s airbourne   Leave a comment

It took some serious scratching of both forehead and temples but now she’s uploaded and ready to fly. Many thanks to Fredrik Schmidt for the awesome cover (and the main part of the formating, not my favourite subject).

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Getting closer   Leave a comment

Rewriting the Eulalia translation again, hopefully for the last time. Thought she was ready but discovered some…hasty spelling and swedishisms (“appletree” and so forth).

Tomorrow I’ll be wrestling with the Smashword Style Guide, we’ll se who overcomes who. (Doing it for Eulalia, though, I’m pretty hard to beat.)

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